U-KISS showcase at Pavilion Malaysia are really AWESOME ! :D


I went to U-KISS showcase at Pavilion KL,Malaysia on 10-06-2011 !!
OH MY ! I really excited about it !

I think this year is my lucky year because I got to meet U-KISS in person !! and yeah,all U-KISS contest I enter,I win ! I got 4 tickets in 2 contest ! It's really crazy !!

thanks to "Hot FM" & "KLIK book" because gave me a free tickets to watch U-KISS showcase ! :D

When I went there,my mouth can't stop smiling xD when the showcase start,I scream like a crazy person ! I don't want to sit down,so,I stand up while the others sit down according to the tickets xD

when U-KISS sang,I also sang & dance xD they just perform 0330,Bingeul Bingeul (round & round),man man ha ni (am I that easy) & Shikkeureo (Shut up) songs ..and then they played a games & chit chat with us :D

It's really an AWESOME performances !! It can't be dissapear or remove in my memory ! I will remember it forever ! :D

U-KISS always come to Malaysia in,KissMe's Malaysia celebrates Dongho & AJ birthday :D they are really shock when we sang happy birthday song in english & korean version with 1 cake xD

unfortunately,I didn't snap their pics ! because I'm too excited watched them performed until I forgot that I have a camera =.=''

I just snap some pics,but not many ..hope U will imagine how excited I at there :D It's feel like want to cry,shout & faint at there !! >///<
I can see my honey,Dongho !!

they all so cute talked in english..Kevin,Eli & AJ are fluent in english,so,they do not worried to speak with us..I really laugh when Dongho speak in english,then he ask something at Kevin in korean xD then he speak in korean & Kevin translates it xD all KissMe's laugh for it :D

It's was really FUN ! They promise that they will come to Malaysia again as soon as possible..I hope I can see them again when they come to Malaysia :)) They stay at Malaysia for 3days ! really unexpected ! :D

I will post some fancam from U-KISS showcase..but that fancam is not to owner at youtube :D


"0330" U-KISS





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