U-Kiss Only One autograph album ♥


See that pic above ?
yeah...It's my U-Kiss Only One autograph album o(≧ω≦)o
have U-Kiss members autograph in there

I really love it..It will be my treasure..I must keep it in the safe place O.O *searching for the safe place* hee~

Actually I buy this because someone that I didn't know mention me at twitter..She said that I interested with U-Kiss album or not..Of course I interested with it! So,I didn't hesitated to buy it! I quickly tell my dad about this & tell him to bank in money into her bank account :D

Then after 4-5 days,I already received it ! Really excited same like I got my U-Kiss Neverland album before ƪ(

It's maybe my faith because she mention about this to me,not at others people..If she not mention at me,maybe I didn't get this autograph album ..thank you \(^^)/

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